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Taking Care of Your Mental Health During the Coronavirus Epidemic

When faced with the day-to-day uncertainties brought on by the Coronavirus epidemic, stress and anxiety are natural reactions. We can’t control all of the change happening around us right now, but there are ways to help protect our mental health and improve our ability to cope. On this page, we will share simple, manageable tips to help bring a measure of calm and support resilience in these challenging times.

Check back regularly for updated resources and tools.

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Use this resource to help you recognize loneliness and provide ideas for staying connected and engaged through this time.
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Employees are experiencing a number of added stressors as we navigate the coronavirus epidemic. Learn how you can best support them at this time. 
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Use our tip sheet to learn how you can practice and build your skill of mindfulness while completing everyday tasks.
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Our mental self-care toolkit offers expert advice on how to protect your mental health during the Coronavirus outbreak.
How to get the most out of teletherapy
For those seeking remote care, teletherapy is an ideal option for the current climate. Learn some tips on how to get the most out of the experience. 
Guided Meditations
Feeling overwhelmed? Use this guided meditation to practice and build mindfulness skills.
Progressive Muscle Relaxation is an exercise that relaxes your mind and body by tensing and relaxing muscle groups in a step by step fashion.
Reach a relaxed and attentive space using your natural breath as you bring awareness to areas of strength and acceptance you may be in need of. 
Find inner peace and grounding during times of stress using this guided meditation.
Are feelings of anxiousness causing unpleasant physical sensations? Practice the skill of acceptance using this body scan activity.